About us

B of London is about you; you and your ethics for fashion today.

In our factories in North London and Wales we practice slow fashion where your garment is being individually cut out and made especially for you. Our factories are SMETA and Fast Forward audited and our factories are the only factories in the UK that has a leading status in the ethical audit Fast Forward.

We know who has made what stitch on your garment and you have the satisfaction of wearing your garment with pride knowing that each worker is well paid and on average has been with us for almost ten years.

The new factory in Wales was created because Laura Ashley closed down in 2020 leaving over 70 highly skilled machinists out of work. We had to step in and save their jobs.

The collection is designed in-house from an amazing team of talented designers, pattern cutters and sample makers who have gone that extra mile in creating body contouring midi dresses, occasion wear, floor length evening dresses, bridesmaid and wedding guest dresses

Our values

Our ethos is transparency, ethics, uniqueness, eco conscious and authenticity.


Our factories are audited every year by different agencies and retailers to ensure fair labour conditions for our employees are in force. We provide additional classes for ESOL if required, we take the entire workforce to the seaside once a year and we support in everyway possible each and every employee. 

We helped develop a cloud based system called Galaxius which monitors every garment that passes through the factory. This is how we know who made what stitch and when and this relates to their pay so it’s totally transparent. 


Not only are we a factory we are also the UK’s first accredited Fashion Technology Academy working with the unemployed to provide them with technical skills for the future.

Eco conscious

All of our garments are produced from 100% end of roll and waste fabric. Any further surplus fabric is then donated to our training academy to support new designers and learners.


We value our customers and strive to offer a genuine shopping experience


We strive to be honest and transparent at every stage of our design and manufacturing process. You can even visit our factory in North London for a tour!